Dietmar Halbauer was born in 1968 in Wiener Neustadt.

After 25 years living in Vienna and founding his own advertising agency he lives and

he works again in his hometown Wiener Neustadt.

Halbauer’s work in the field of graphic design from print to multimedia has left national and international traces in the design landscape. Today he is the creative director of his advertising agency.

His artistic work began in 1995. A wide variety of techniques from analog painting and collage to digital media characterize his work in the commercial as well as in the artistic field.

Various exhibition projects from Künstlerhaus Vienna to Castle Bad Fischau underline this. As a founding member of the cultural association Punctum with the events Loftlinx he started his exhibition career.

The photographs, graphics, collages and scribbles shown on this website were created around the year 1995-2018 and are intended to give a selection of his visual world. Have fun browsing the pages and artworks!